Raj Oil Mills Ltd. traces its roots back to 1943, just 4 years prior to India’s independence. The company started with an edible oil manufacturing unit in the heart of Mumbai and started making indigenous oils.

The small business soon grew by leaps and bounds owing to the purity and quality of the oils. The demand poured in from all sides. Not just Mumbai, but also from other cities. Oils which were once sold only to local vendors now started going out by the barrels. And each barrel was stamped with a prominent mark of quality - ‘RAJ’.

In just a few years RAJ become a national brand with a comprehensive range of oils. The iconic brands GUINEA FILTERD GROUNDNUT OIL and COCORAJ COCONUT OIL became the torch-bearers of the company and continue to be so till date.

As the country evolved, so did eating habits of the new generations. Keeping this in mind, Raj Oil Mills Ltd. introduced many new oils to cater to this growing market.

This year the company has turned 75. The guiding thought ‘New thinking, endless possibilities’ draws a clear outline of the things to come.

Going forward, the company is dedicated to continue the legacy - The legacy of making honest, authentic products.