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The Sweet Smell of Success

The Sweet Smell of Success

Our Work EnvironmentOur Work Environment

Raj Oil Mills Ltd’ philosophy of attracting, training and retaining the finest talent in the industry helps it sustain a competitive edge in its varied areas of operation. Encouraging a high performance culture in the company, in coherence with the company values, the commitment to excellence starts at the very top of the command chain and permeates into every corner of its operations. Our 300 + strong workforce believe in the company philosophy while contributing to their specific departments of Technical, Human Resources, R&D, Quality Control, Finance and Marketing, together offering the right ingredients for a unique creation of excellence and perfection in the work environment.


Our Training ProgramOur Training Program

ROML believes in continuous upgradation of its employees’ level of skills through periodic training sessions and workshops. These are aimed at efficiency, upgradation and healthy interaction between management and subordinate team members. Every key management activity is geared to analyzing and understanding customer needs, ensuring that all technology-enabled and cross-functional processes pool together to create enduring value for customers.

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